Tito Seif is an internationally acclaimed male oriental dancer, instructor, choreographer and one of the top oriental artist of the world. Born in Egypt, Tito Seif started to dance at the age of 14 learning folklore and then oriental. Within a very short period of time he became one of the biggest names in the Oriental Dance and a prominent, innovative and mesmerizing dancer and instructor worldwide. Tito has been dancing for 34 years and he has been teaching for 29 years.


Tito Seif has toured the world to perform, to teach workshops, and to judge competitions for more than 40 countries including United States, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Latvia, Japan, Korea, Malasya, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Panamá, Argentina, Ecuador, and many more.

He has mastered various styles of Oriental dance including the classical oriental dance style “Sharqi”,, Egyptian folklore Nubian, Khaliji, shaabi, and Saidi. He is a gifted instructor with a special charisma and strong stage presence. His performances thrill the audience worldwide..

Tito Seif is the only dancer in the world who performs the “Asaya” dance using four canes, and he was the first dancer who performs on top of a darbuka, making both dances his signature performances. He is the producer of “Tito’s Oriental Dance Show” at “Alf Leyla Weleyla” resort in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. He is regularly featured as a special guest dancer on numerous international TV stations and networks. .

From 2014 to 2016, Tito organized his first festival “Al Ahram Oriental Dance Festival” in the city of Valencia, Spain. Since December 2017 he is the main teacher at “King of Oriental” a weeklong course in China.

On March 2019, Tito Seif decided to join the team of “Sadaf Oriental Dance Festival” in Lausanne, Switzerland which features top artists of Oriental Dance. Since then, Tito Seif made Sadaf his Home Festival.

In January 2020, Tito gave life to his intensive course in Cairo, Egypt “Master Intensive Program” a seven days intensive learning program with a complete curriculum of Oriental Dance designed by Tito based on his teaching experience and the requirements of the students.

Sadaf Oriental Dance Festival and Master Intensive Program are a very important part of his career as well as he continues teaching and performing around the world.


Randa Kamel is an internationally renowned professional Oriental Dancer, choreographer, and Master Instructor born in Mansoura, Egypt. 
Her love for dance began when she was 5 years old, dancing at family parties and weddings.  At the age of 12 she expressed to her mother her desire to start taking folklore dance classes in Cairo. Randa started studying with Reda Troupe where she learned everything about Egyptian folklore dance. She was a Reda Troupe member for 7 years, traveling and performing with them around the world. At the same time she was a member of other folklore group who performed at shows and events in Egypt.  
Randa’s performances were noticed by the audience who saw in her something special, she has more than her folkloric dance, and they wanted to see her performing as a soloist or as the main dancer of the show.    
After all the requests, the manager of the Reda Troupe invited Randa to represent Egypt and the flag of their country with her pure, and unique dance as a soloist in Sweden.  Then, she traveled  for the first time as a soloist dancer, where she received many compliments for her performances.
When she returned to Egypt, she asked her mother if she could be an oriental dancer, despite knowing that they have a bad reputation in their country.
Randa convinced her mother that she would be a professional oriental dancer of impeccable reputation, she accepted and supported Randa in her career.
At the age of 15, Randa Kamel began her career as a professional oriental dancer,  performing in Cairo and Alexandria at weddings, parties, cabarets, wellknown hotels like Marriot and the prestigous Nile Maxim boat where she continues performing.
At the same time she started traveling around the world to teach the genuine oriental dance and delighting the audience with her unique and powerful performances.
Randa Kamel is the creator and organizer of “Raqs Of Course” one of the biggest festivals in Cairo, Egypt from 2014 to present. 
She is also the creator and organizer of “Randa Kamel Of Course” her intensive course in Cairo, Egypt  

Randa is the owner of “RK Art House & Studio” her dance school and a place that offers accommodation for dancers traveling to study with her.  

She is the owner of “RK Studio”, a musical recording studio where she composes personalized music for dancers from all over the world, as well as her own songs,  which she is the songwriter and singer.
Randa studied at university level and she graduated as a psychologist.


Wael Mansour one of the best choreographers and solo dancers of Egyptian dance.

Acclaimed and recognized worldwide for his technique, for his elegance, with touch of modernity in his oriental dance (Elraqs Elsharqi).

Wael Mansour was born in Cairo, he studied and graduated in the best folklore schools in Egypt, and in a short time become part of the most famous dance companies present in Cairo in the 90s, especially appreciated as a solo dancer.

His experience has now been enriched by several collaborations with film, theater, television, and participating in quality teaching in numerous national and international festivals in Egypt and in all the World!

He lives currently in Italy where he teaches throughout the country and worldwide. Wael’s goal is to spread out a deep knowledge of the innovative Egyptian dance through theatre and educational programs.


                   LUISA CORDERO                    

Luisa is a passionate and energetic professional dancer and choreographer, with a unique elegant style. Luisa started her career in her home country Venezuela. Thereafter she moved to United States with the dream to learn and became a Professional Oriental Dancer

On 2016, she decided to conquer the hearts of the belly dance lovers across Europe, sharing her passion with her audience. Nowadays, she performs at private events and international festivals in Europe. Luisa teaches regular classes and workshops in Switzerland, the home of Sadaf Oriental Dance Festival.

Luisa created “Sadaf Oriental Dance Festival” to bring to the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, the best Instructors of oriental dance, and a festival to share the knowledge and passion with students, and dancers from around the world at a spectacular location.


Maryam Shuaib is a professional dancer with 12 years of dance career. She is the winner of numerous competitions and championships in Ukraine, Russia and abroad.

Maryam won First Place at Tito Seif Sadaf Cup 2020, Professional category.

She will be teaching a workshop and performing at Sadaf International Superstars Gala Show 2021.